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We have worked with authors in India and abroad who already had a strong writing skills influence in the field of literature and it’s our experience that enables us to server authors better.


1 Manuscript to Digital transformation

In the process we convert handwritten pages to digital format the digital format will be in MS Word .

2 Editing & Proof Reading

Effective writing is a important part of the book. Our professional editors will review your manuscript and provide your correction of errors in writing, grammar, and language. Fine Media consider editing is a very important book we enhance readability of book.

3 Typesetting & formatting

FINE MEDIA provide a complete range of composition services for scholarly, scientific, technical and medical books, Magazine and journals (STM) & all kinds.

We use composition software that includes InDesign, QuarkXPress, LaTeX, PageMaker & MS Word.

We can provide you these services every stage of the publication process by helping with:

      • Pagination

      • QC

      • Responding to author queries

      • Cover page designing

      • Proof reading

      • Artwork handling

      • Composition

      • Text processing

      • Formatting

      • Indexing

4 Cover Design

A book cover is very important part of the book. Reader can judge about the book by it’s cover The cover should be very attractive. Fine Media provide very professional, eye-catching cover design for our customer

5 eBook Conversion

Reflowable eBook:

Fine Media’s transform PDF format, normal paperback, word document, or any text format into into eBook formats like ePub, ePub3, KF8, Mobi, repub etc. that are compatible with all major devices.

Fixed Layout eBooks:

Fine Media provide high-quality, fixed-layout eBook conversion services. We prefer Fixed Layout format eBook for Magazine, business, academic, cookbooks, and children’s books. We also Provide Interactive and Animated eBooks.

6 Distributions

We help all authors and publisher to make their book available for sale on all major international platforms like iBook, Amazone Kindle Publishing, Kobo, Google Play, Flipkart, Ingram,, CreateSpace, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Lulu, and so on.